Castelo Branco Office Park

An office park masterplan revisited.


Location: São Paulo , Brazil
Client : Tishman Speyer
Size : 240,000 m2


Mixed-use Master planning, Retail Planning, Architecture

When it was originally conceived, the original office park faced the Castelo Branco Highway, by which the two first towers were built. Rapid urban development has been transforming the industrial area toward the back of the site into a desirable residential neighbourhood with supporting commerce, services and shops. What once was the “back” of the site now presents itself as a great frontage and the more valuable address.

The regeneration of the area over the years demanded a revision of the original master plan and its phasing strategy, so the last towers to be built would function as the development gateway.

The plan envisaged all vehicular circulation, drop-offs and parking access at the outer edge of the site, allowing for pedestrian friendly central gardens with pavilion restaurants at the core connecting all the buildings.

An additional 6 office and hotel towers with a total of 240,000 sqm stretching along 500m are laid out around the central space. A subtle rotation angle between the buildings allows more space between them, offering open views and creating a dynamic outdoor inner space rich in landscape, water features and canopied walkways. Elegant twin towers form the future office park gateway. Sitting on a stepped retail podium that gradually goes up amidst open dining courtyards, they feature triple-high office lobbies integrated into retail that also function as a weather-protected route towards the other towers.