Grand Gateway 66 Retail Renovation

A flagship mixed-use commercial complex in Xijiahui rejuvenated.


Location:  Shanghai, PRC
Client : Hang Lung Properties
Size : 187,000 m2
Completion : 2019


Retail Planning Architect, Façade Designer

Grand Gateway 66 is Hang Lung’s flagship commercial complex in Xijiahui, an old Shanghai landmark comprising of a 7-storey retail centre of 130,000 sqm, twin office towers of 67,000 sqm, serviced apartments above retail and adjacent twin residential towers. A major revitalisation program has been put in motion to adapt the complex to new realities and consumer demands.

Applying sensitive strategic planning skills, we worked on several key enhancements aiming at integrating all zones of the building and its connections to metro.

The new spatial arrangement and visual connections allows for a seamless and total integration of the annex into the whole building offer. New voids at each floor and numerous added escalators substantially improve the flow of shoppers’ traffic throughout the full stack of floors.

At street level, the grand staircase located at the façade along the main trunk roads junction had long been an encumbrance that prohibits shoppers of making smooth access to the mall. The new design eliminates the staircase, creates valuable new retail flagship spaces and terraced outdoor dining experiences, turning the problematic existing spot into an inviting plaza fronted by a prominent entrance.

By cleverly reshuffling commercial areas, we eliminated once silent spaces at upper floors and introduced newly created flagship stores and prominent retail fronts at the new ground floor gateway and drop-off entrances.

The façade renovation was carefully considered under guidelines to create change where it would most significantly generate a positive impact and signify the new character of the complex. Elegant stonework details were designed to aesthetically match the preserved façade at upper levels. Existing and new entrances were re-designed as retail porticos, and retail bridge links dressed with decorative glazed and aluminum panels with special lighting effects.

The images above illustrate our initial design proposals. The ideas for retail interior design fit-out shown here is part of our concept proposal to enrich our retail planning achievements. It aimed at creating a contemporary, young and timeless ambiance and feel. Our retail interior concept has not been implemented in shopping centre renovation works.