Sailing Tower Vietnam

Sail-shape design tower as vernacular architectural icon.


Location :  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Client : Construction Corporation No 1 (CC1)
Size : 40,000 m2
Completion: 2009


Design & Project Lead: Mauro Resnitzky



This mixed-use tower comprises Grade B+ office floors, serviced apartment units and 3 levels of retail at the base.

As one of the first contemporary landmarks for HCMC, the building design is a result of a hybrid language of corporate office and high class residential. The design features a prominent curved facade facing the corner and clad by an iconic sail-shape shading device feature that gives the name to the property.

The “sail” design sought its inspiration in the shapes of the old South China Sea junk boats and responded to the clients’ aspiration for a modern-looking façade with a vernacular architectural icon.