Zhuangguancun Times Square Master Plan

Underground retail in the heart of Zhongguancun.


Location :  Beijing, PRC
Client :Guangyao Oriental Group
Size : 300,000 m2


Master Planning, Architecture

This is a commercial master plan to reinvigorate the central plaza and underground retail in the heart of the Zhongguancun International Technology Center.

Ill-performed existing commercial basement structures had opened up the opportunity for a comprehensive redevelopment, one that will create a 3-storey shopping and entertainment centre to include large attractions such as cinemas, theatres, ice-rinks, aquarium and more.

Key to this innovative design is the integration between indoor spaces and the outdoor sloped gardens above, through a system of large atriums bathed with sunlight and connecting above with escalators, ramps and panoramic lifts. At the top, the new gardens become a huge event space dotted with crystal-like transparent and luminescent pavilions emerging from the retail centre below.