GIRIMUN at the UNIRP Week of Architecture & Urbanism 2021

The 17th Week of Architecture & Urbanism at the University of São José do Rio Preto (Semana de Arquitetura e Urbanismo SAU 2021 – UNIRP) took place last August 2021. As part of the event, our founder Mauro Resnitzky was invited to speak at the Third International Urban Development Seminar ( III Seminário Internacional de Desenvolvimento Urbano) to discuss topics related to architecture and cities in the post-pandemic world.

The seminar was received and attended with great interest by academics, fellow professionals and students alike.  In his key note speech ” A Experiência Contemporânea Asiática e sua Relevância Para o Desenvolvimento Urbano no Brasil”  Mauro discusses the Asian contemporary urban experience, drawing relevant comparisons and pointing out issues that relate to large cities in developing countries such as Brazil.

Over a highly illustrated presentation, he talks the audience through the pros and cons of Super-Compact Cities and Extreme Urban Densities, pointing out the example of Hong Kong – where he lives and work. He showcases some of his work on Mixed-Use Transport Oriented Developments (TOD) in several Asian capital cities and metropolis to include master plans, urban design, architectural and commercial interior design works to include renovations and retrofitting projects.

The lecture was followed by an animated debate amongst piers.

You can follow up and review the session in Portuguese here: