Grand Gateway 66 North Retail Renovation

Phase one of a comprehensive retail repositioning strategy for Grand Gateway 66.


Location:  Shanghai, PRC
Client : Hang Lung Properties
Size : 33,500 m2
Completion: 2019


Retail Planning Architect, Façade Designer

Completed in 2019, the renovation of North Building is the phase one of a comprehensive repositioning strategy for Grand Gateway 66. Once operated as department store with labyrinth-like corridors, it lacked prominent street level entrances and visual vertical connections between floor and its circulation also poorly linked through far-apart enclosed bridges deprived of sight lines. The new central void invites flows all the way from B1 upwards to top level with the addition of IMAX cinema allowing visitors from metro and parking below directly onto upper levels with no outdoor interruptions.

The once enclosed and solid existing bridges were opened-up as a series of staggered double-high spaces bathed by sunlight and exposing retail factivity through the glazed façade. An additional diagonal bridge at 3F-level creates a new retail short cut and a “hanging” dining terrace above overlooking the Food Street.

The façade renovation was carefully considered under guidelines to create change where it would most significantly generate a positive impact and signify the new character of the complex. New facades of elegant stonework details were designed to aesthetically match the preserved façade above 3F-levels and the design of new corner portico entrances and connecting retail bridge links now treated with decorative glazed and aluminum feature panels with special lighting effects.