Pattaya Beach Central Festival

Retail, leisure and hospitality meet at the beachfront.


Location:  Pattaya, Thailand
Client : Central Pattana Public Company Limited
Size : 140,000 m2
Completion: 2009

2011 ICSC Silver Star Asia Pacific Shopping Centre Award –Innovative Design & Development

2011 Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011


Design & Project Lead: Mauro Resnitzky


Mixed-use Master Planning, Retail Planning, Architecture, Interiors

Pattaya Beach Central Festival is a beachfront development featuring a Hilton tower and a 7-level shopping centre.

Intended to be a driver for regeneration and development of touristic Pattaya, the beach-inspired design is as much a celebration of its tropical ambiance as it is a responsive attitude to creating public civic spaces the city itself did not offer: lush landscapes, vibrant plazas, escalator-accessible dining terraces and incredible ocean vistas are all ingredients of this great beach front destination.